For Danilo, adventure means more than just having an experience;

it means experiencing life as it truly is. It allows him to push himself beyond his limits or at least try to. It exposes him to strong emotions and introduces him to people who, although they may cross his path on tiptoe, can give him so much.

During his last ascent of Manaslu, one of the Eight –Thousanders, he became familiar with the “Teresa Academy”, a great cause founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The institute supports and teaches children from 0 to 16 years of age, with the main goal of rescuing young women from sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and prostitution and freeing them from their abusers.

As a result of this interaction, Danilo founded “Danilo for Children”, a non-profit organization through which he aims to directly contribute to orphans or children who have experienced challenging family conditions or violence. His goal is to establish kindergartens and/or bespoke structures in underserved parts of the world, which he has also traversed during his trips. He will begin his journey in Nepal.

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