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Danilo is ready to set off again to continue the great 7 Summits Solo Project and this time it will be the turn of the continent of Oceania, thus starting Oceania Extreme, his next big venture.

The adventure begins with a breathtaking parachute drop over the Pacific Ocean and landing at the most easterly point in Australia (Byron Bay area), the true starting point of the entire adventure.
Riding his bike, Danilo will cycle about 1,500 kilometres in a south/south-westerly direction until he reaches the village of Thredbo at the base of Mount Kosciuszko, which at 2. 228 metres is the highest mountain in Australia.228 metres high is the highest mountain in Australia.
He will leave the bike to climb the mountain on foot over 24 hours (weather conditions may vary the timing of the ascent and descent) and try to take off on a paraglider from a nearby ridge/mountain, thus flying over the highest mountains in Australia.
After landing, Danilo will get back on his bike, this time heading west to Port Augusta and then north/north-west to the town of Alice Springs, located in the arid heart of Australia and gateway to the Great Australian Deserts.
From here, Danilo will ride west across the Outback and then the Great Deserts, until he reaches the westernmost point in Australia, Steep Point.

This place and arrival point overlooks the Indian Ocean and by reaching it Danilo will touch the two most extreme points of Australia, joining the Pacific and Indian Oceans in this great and challenging adventure.

The entire crossing will be about 7,500 kilometres long, which Danilo will pedal, solo, on his beloved bicycle with the help and support of the best technologies and materials.

From Australia, a plane will take him to Papua where he will climb the famous Carstensz Pyramid or Puncak Jaya (whose name means ‘glorious peak’), a mountain located in the wild heart of an impenetrable jungle that soars with its imposing rocky crest reaching 4,884 metres in height.
This is the highest mountain in Oceania.

The entire area has been affected for years by internal strife, guerrilla warfare, armed clashes, criminal gangs and a high risk of kidnapping, so Danilo is faced with the uncertainty of whether climbing the Carstensz Pyramid is feasible, which unfortunately depends on obtaining entry permits into the state.

Danilo will try by all means to complete this important climb as well, and as soon as he knows whether he will get the green light or not, he will make it official.
At the moment, we can only cross our fingers.